what goals we suggested to the client
and what does the panel of the new Google tool looks like

Google Analytics 4 in action

The challenge

Our client is a car and van rental company with over 20 years of experience and a solid customer base, operating in Wroclaw and the surrounding areas.

The company was in the process of building a new website to enable efficient online bookings. Their goal was to accurately measure the number of bookings, but they didn't know what else they should measure to achieve their goals.

As a company that provides 360 services from coding (Code Provider), secure hosting (Host Provider) to online marketing (Rank Provider), we quickly came up with a plan on how to address all the challenges in one place.

We knew that a new website wasn't enough to effectively attract customers online. So we recommended an all-in-one analytics package, convincing the client to install Google Analytics 4. This was no easy considering that GA 4 had only been live for a dozen weeks at the time.

Initial challenges and lessons learned from the client's side audit

The biggest challenge was definitely to educate the client on what else they can and should measure. Of course, the number of bookings is a great goal to start with, but in an online business, the more you know about your customers, the better.

Google Analytics 4 was supposed to run "in the background" collecting data so that it could be used in the future. Also, the reports should be intuitive and easy to understand for everyone.

After examining the client's site, we proposed a list of changes (e.g. adding a number of attributes to the code, headers and metatags) that optimized the site for SEO and UX.

Business results

The client began to measure the number of online bookings and adapted its marketing activities to the current business circumstances (e.g. the number of rented cars).

Up to 150% increase in the number of visits to the main goals pages (month-to-month).

A shorter customer path to a phone call (automated call), which increased the number of calls by several dozen percent.

Improved customer segmentation for Google Ads with a special focus on remarketing.

What did we do to help the client achieve their goals?

  • We prepared guidelines to optimize the site for SEO and UX.
  • We suggested goals for configuration in Google Analytics 4, including:
    • number of correct car reservations through the online (main) form
    • number of correct messages sent through the contact form
    • the number of clicks on the phone number on the page (most clicks are from mobile phones, what automatically triggers the phone call)
    • number of clicks on the standard price list page
    • number of clicks to the long-term price list page
    • number of clicks on the Google map
  • We implemented GA4 and set up an intuitive report of achieved goals.
  • We prepared recommendations for further work on the site, and a list of potential problems with suggested solutions.

What does this look like in Google Analytics 4?

The events/targets defined for this project.

The main sources of website traffic.

The most popular pages within the site.

Geographic representation of user locations.

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