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Pay Per Click is a billing model for online advertising. The advertiser pays not for the actual display of an advertisement, but for real user clicks on a text link or advertising banner. The advertiser pays for each click-through from the ad to his website.

What you should know:


In PPC it is very important to get your target audience and campaign objectives right. This will help you use your budget effectively.

PPC Ads can look like regular search results, so they are less likely to be perceived as advertising



PPC provides you with many opportunities to define your target group - it is precisely targeted advertising. It is important to use support from experienced experts who know how to do this well. Setting up campaigns on your own can result in losing time
and money.

PPC has an instant effect, but you must remember that when you stop paying, you stop getting results. The best results come from a combination
of PPC and SEO.



In PPC you have full control over your budget

What is it?

Google Ads (previously AdWords) is an advanced auction advertising system that displays text advertisements on the Google search engine and graphic advertisements in the advertising network (i.e. on numerous sites that cooperate with Google). In addition to text and image ads, there are categories such as app ads, video ads and product campaigns aimed at online shop owners (Google Shopping). Google Ads allow you to keep control of your advertisment costs while providing measurable results.

The most important advantage of Google Ads is that ads can be displayed to people who are likely to be interested in our products and services, while excluding those who are not.

With Google Ads:

  • you will increase traffic to your website
  • you can promote only selected elements of your offer, not the whole shop
  • you can reach potential customers with your services or products, e.g. from a specific geographic area or with defined interests
  • you can promote a time-limited offer (e.g. during specific hours or on specific days of the week)
  • you have additional dedicated tools for smartphone users (e.g. someone clicks on your ad and can immediately call you)
  • you obtain data on website visitors and potential customers
  • with all that you still keep control over advertising expenses.

What is it?

Facebook Ads are a powerful tool that help you reach a specific audience on the Facebook platform. They allow you to build awareness, drive traffic to your website, promote applications and attract customers from the huge community active on this social platform. This is a fairly quick form of advertising, allowing you to immediately achieve your goals. Taking into account the multitude of configuration options and huge user base, it is one of the cost-effective forms of advertising.

With Facebook Ads:

  • you reach the right customers
  • you get fast results relatively cheap
  • you advertise in real time, which is crucial while promoting many services and products
  • you use your existing customer base, so you don't have to 'search' for them online
  • you achieve measurable results and have control over expenses

What is it?

Video ads on YouTube are an interesting way to reach new audiences. They are cost-effective and attractive (as video content is more likely consumed than written forms). Ads on YouTube are also less likely to be blocked comparing to standard ads and can be targeted at all possible devices, including TVs (Internet TV is  competing with traditional TV in regards of time spent).

With YouTube Ads:

  • you instantly increase traffic to your own YouTube channel and  build brand or offer awareness
  • you have access to a huge number of users (it is the 2nd most popular platform in the world)
  • you can promote "explainers" (i.e. animated videos showing how a product or service works), to use them for sales purposes
  • you can promote products and services by webinars and live streaming

What is it?

Advertisements on Linkedin are targeted to both the business segment and to well-qualified employees ("white collar"). They allow companies to sell products and services to relevant, usually more demanding customers, build a professional image, recruit employees and expand their network of business contacts.

With LinkedIn Ads:

  • you gain valuable sales leads in the B2B segment
  • you build a professional image and brand trust
  • you attract valuable employees
  • you reach a global community of professionals

What is it?

An invaluable source of advertising if you want to reach the 18-30 year old segment, or you operate in the lifestyle industry (fashion, food, design, beauty, etc.). It is a great place to showcase display ads because Instagram is focused around graphic content. Creative ads on Instagram get more reactions compared to other social media platforms.

With Instagram Ads:

  • you will reach young people, especially women, with your offer
  • you will increase sales in specific industries, as users on Instagram are constantly looking for new products and services

What is it?

Graphic (display) advertisements, presented most often on the Google network, that are "following" the user as he browse the Internet. Such ads are displayed to people who have previously visited your website or fulfilled another purpose (e.g. added products to the basket without completing the purchase; learned about promotions; subscribed to a newsletter; visited a page dedicated to an offer for a given target group, e.g. seniors, business owners, travellers).
Remarketing is a fantastic tool that shows the full potential of online marketing.

With Remarketing:

  • you improve the conversion (effectiveness) of your advertising activities
  • you optimise your marketing spend
  • you will be able to remind yourself to a potential client who's already been introduced to your offer, but has not made a decision
  • you effectively encourage the customer to take a specific action (there are more call-to-action options than in standard advertising)

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