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Graphic (display) advertisements, presented most often on the Google network, that are "following" the user as he browse the Internet. Such ads are displayed to people who have previously visited your website or fulfilled another purpose (e.g. added products to the basket without completing the purchase; learned about promotions; subscribed to a newsletter; visited a page dedicated to an offer for a given target group, e.g. seniors, business owners, travellers).

Remarketing is a fantastic tool that shows the full potential of online marketing.

With remarketing:

  • you improve the conversion (effectiveness) of your advertising activities
  • you optimise your marketing spend
  • you will be able to remind yourself to a potential client who's already been introduced to your offer, but has not made a decision
  • you effectively encourage the customer to take a specific action (there are more call-to-action options than in standard advertising)


In a nutshell, it is a process of providing users with valuable and engaging content. Content marketing can be the main marketing channel (e.g. when building expert content in a particular industry), but it can also be a complement to other types of online marketing, such as SEO or PPC.

In the fast-changing world of online advertising of websites and products, valuable content is becoming increasingly important. Google promotes those sites that users find more valuable.

With content marketing:

  • you will advertise more effectively in Google
  • you will keep the user longer on your website
  • your activities probably won't be perceived as advertising
  • you educate your client about the value of your offer (e.g. if you don't have one simple price list, as in the case of consulting services)
  • you improve your customer service process by providing your users with answers to frequently asked questions

Marketing Analytics

Web analytics used in marketing can be defined as properly implemented tools from Google (e.g. Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics) and other providers such as Hotjar. Appropriate configuration of these tools not only allows tracking basic statistics (such as traffic from particular channels or number of conversions), but also gives many other possibilities.

Analytics allows you to collect data, as well as combine various data sources. Thanks to data analysis, marketing activities do not revolve around generalities, but around specific and measurable goals.

Our advantage: we use the latest version of Google Analytics 4, which is not yet common.

With analytics:

  • you get to know your users and customers better
  • you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your offering
  • you understand the cost of acquiring customers from various channels
  • you discover the routes by which users leave your website
  • you find out where there are unnecessary elements on your website
  • you recognise problems that occur on the website
  • you optimise the purchase process


It's a form of advertising that allows you to better monetise your own customer base, research their needs and build your brand, for example by sending out an industry newsletter on a regular basis.

With mailing:

  • you can sell new services and products to your existing customers
  • you stay in constant contact with your customers
  • you build a base for future activities (e.g. new services and products)
  • you build a community around your brand
  • you use the so-called flash sales, i.e. quick sales, e.g. during holidays or black friday

SEO Audits

SEO audit is a service aimed at creating recommendations for a website in order to develop it and correct potential errors (technical, content and optimisation). The comments gathered in SEO audit are used by programmers, editors and other people working on the website.

Some of these changes should be made by an experienced programmer. If need help, Code Provider can do this for you and the Host Provider will make sure that the server is optimised for both your needs and Google's guidelines.

With SEO audit:

  • you will learn how to build or develop a website in line with both new trends and Google guidelines, so that it will be more likely to be visited by potential customers
  • you get to know the weak points of the website, which negatively influence your sales
  • you optimise your marketing spend, especially on positioning
  • youimprove the technical parameters of your website, making it more user-friendly (and more likely to be visited by users)

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      +48 513 047 793

      We answer our telephones from 8am to 4pm
      (Central European Time, UTC+01:00)

      ul. Grabiszyńska 163,
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