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Search engine optimization in Google (SEO) is an action aimed at increasing the visibility of a website in search results. The components of a good rankings are mainly: a modern and search engine optimised website, valuable content, appropriate linking, a solid history of the website, fast and intuitive version for mobile devices. SEO is an investment in the future, it is a long-term strategy. If in addition you expect an instant effect, take a look at our PPC offer.

With SEO

you will save on advertising expenses in the long term (it is probably the most cost-effective digital marketing channel)

you invest in your own website and its history, so you have more opportunities to implement necessary changes

you become independent of social media and other platforms and the restrictions that may be placed on them

you attract people to your website who are genuinely interested in your offer and service

you collect data (e.g. on customer behaviour) that will help you to make better business decisions

What is it?

In a nutshell, it is a process of providing users with valuable and engaging content. Content marketing can be the main marketing channel (e.g. when building expert content in a particular industry), but it can also be a complement to other types of online marketing, such as SEO or PPC.

In the fast-changing world of online advertising of websites and products, valuable content is becoming increasingly important. Google promotes those sites that users find more valuable.

With Content Marketing:

  • you will advertise more effectively in Google
  • you will keep the user longer on your website
  • your activities probably won't be perceived as advertising
  • you educate your client about the value of your offer (e.g. if you don't have one simple price list, as in the case of consulting services)
  • you improve your customer service process by providing your users with answers to frequently asked questions

What is it?

SEO audit is a service aimed at creating recommendations for a website in order to develop it and correct potential errors (technical, content and optimisation). The comments gathered in SEO audit are used by programmers, editors and other people working on the website.

Some of these changes should be made by an experienced programmer. If need help, Code Provider can do this for you and the Host Provider will make sure that the server is optimised for both your needs and Google's guidelines.

With Mainlings:

  • you will learn how to build or develop a website in line with both new trends and Google guidelines, so that it will be more likely to be visited by potential customers
  • you get to know the weak points of the website, which negatively influence your sales
  • you optimise your marketing spend, especially on positioning
  • youimprove the technical parameters of your website, making it more user-friendly (and more likely to be visited by users)

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