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How we helped a client measure correct form completions with Google Analytics 4

A large Irish financial institution needed a new website and a tool to collect email addresses of people interested in the financial products they offered.

Customer needs

An extra challenge was to effectively measure traffic to the website, in particular the number of correct completions of the extensive, multi-step "Get quote" form. This form is a complex tool with multiple choice paths, that automatically send answers to different departments across the company.

The most important information for our client was the loan purpose - those are valuable leads that then were transferred to the sales department. Therefore, it was critically important to measure them correctly.

Initial challenges and conclusions from the audit of the client's site

The most important challenge was to develop the concept of the form so that it supports the client's business goals and provides all necessary information. This was handled by our team at Code Provider.

After finishing this step, we took over the project, consulting the client on the possibilities of Google Analytics 4 (which was on the very initial stage back then) as well as defining goals to be measured in GA4.

If you are not sure what you can measure in Google Analytics 4 in your business, download our free checklist here:

It was also quite a challenge to convince the client to trust GA4, which was just entering the market and was not yet widely used. It was under intense development at the time, which meant that functionalities evolved from week to week, and Analytics itself had downtimes. However, these problems are now a thing of the past.

What did we do to help the client achieve their goals?

  • We consulted the client and together established the goals they should measure.
  • We suggested the following goals to be configured in Google Analytics 4, especially the number of:
    • correctly filled out 'Get quote' forms, which - depending on the selected options - went to different departments of the company as leads for sales
    • correctly sent messages via the contact form
    • clicks on the website's phone number (most clicks were made from mobile phones, what automatically initiated a phone call)
    • clicks on live chat (initiating a call on the customer's staff chat)
    • clicks to particular external partner domains
    • transitions from the homepage to the 3 basic service categories
    • newsletter sign-ups
    • completed contact form
    • clicks to the company's social profiles
  • Full GA 4 implementation to support efficient customer data collection.

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