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Why migrate to Google Analytics 4 now?

Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics service used by over 55% of all websites across the Internet. If you have a business website it's very likely that Google Analytics was one of the tools leading to your success. On July 1, 2023 standard Universal Analytics properties will stop gathering & processing traffic data.

If you won’t migrate to GA4 now, you will lose all the data about your clients you collected so far.

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Don’t lose the precious data you spent a lot of money to collect. Implement Google Analytics 4 now.
When Should I Implement
Google Analytics 4?
Eventually you will have to switch to GA4 anyway. So why not to collect the data now to be able to benchmark your year to year results?

What’s changing?

In contrast, Google Analytics 4, does not rely solely on cookies when collecting data. Moreover - it does not store IP data. This approach not only improves the quality of the information collected, but also proves to be better suited to the growing pressure to protect privacy.

The technology behind Universal Analytics is outdated, as it relies mainly on individual sessions and cookies. This generates problems when measuring the activity of users using different platforms, or apps that regularly delete stored cookies.

Recent projects

Financial institution

How we helped a client measure correct form completions with Google Analytics 4

Car renting company

Google Analytics 4 in action - what goals we proposed to the client and what the new Google tool looks like.

The new standard is also a shift from quality to quantity - from tracking sessions to tracking audience engagement and events.

shift from counting pageviews and users to counting engagement and events

enhanced reports

cross device and cross platform tracking

added predictive metrics based on machine learning

better quality of the data collected

free connection to BigQuery

modern interface & simplified user experience

more focus on privacy

easier tracking of basic events

access to more custom metrics and a lot of integrations

How Do We Implement Google Analytics 4 Quickly and effectively

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